April 18-19 @ Crossroads Mall OKC


Vendors & Sponsors

Vendor & Sponsor Sign Up:

Chronic Palooza II – Cannabis @ The Crossroads is looking for vendors and sponsors who want to be a part of the event on April 18 & 19, 2020 at Crossroads Mall in OKC. Want to be a vendor? Learn more or sign up now, or by calling 866-405-WEED.


The Green’s Bakery, The Green’s Bakery After Hours, Captain Canna, Community Sponsor

Urban Leaf Company, Dispensary Sponsor

High Society, Dispensary Sponsor

Smokey Okie’s, Cultivator Sponsor

Smoke Sessions Magazine, Media/Press

CBD Unlimited, The Fire Pit Cannabis Co, and OG Entertainment, Entertainment Sponsor

JKJ Processing, Processor Sponsor

Mr. Mack’s Cannabis Oo., Processor Sponsor


Better Cannabis Business Bureau Ok, Vendor

Blazed Beauty, Vendor

The Dope Game, Vendor

Solar Power of Oklahoma, Vendor

Oklahoma Clone Co., Small Business Table

The Dank Daisy, Small Business Table

Squatchmoe’s Oklahoma City, Food Truck

The Chosen Juan, Food Truck